Thursday, September 22, 2011


Beekeeping is the practice of intentional maintenance of honey bee colonies, commonly in hives, by humans. Beekeeping is for the people that have an interest in nature, and appreciate the wonderful world.

In addition to the value of the honey bee as a honey producer, it has a value to agriculture which is popular far greater.

The bee keeper is usually not the one who receives the greatest profit from the presence of his bees in the community. The honey bee is one of the most beneficial of those insects which carry pollen form one flower to another.

The pollination that bees perform is extremely important. Without their hard work, the world would be without many species of plants, fruits and flowers.

Honey bees provide the pollination for more than 80 percent of the fruit, vegetable and flowering plants in existence.

Beekeeping provides rural people in developing countries with sources of income and nutrition, It is a sustainable form of agriculture which is beneficial to environment and provides economic reasons for the retention of native habitats and potentially increased yield from food and forage crops.

There is business aspect to beekeeping. Their profits, wax, larvae and venom are all important commodities. Each one has its own distinctive characteristics when it comes to marketing and distribution.

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