Sunday, April 29, 2012

What is totipotency?

Potency can be defined as the range of development capabilities of a cells that is in a permissive or supportive environment.

Totipotent cells formed during sexual and asexual reproduction include spores and zygotes.

In general a cell is defined as totipotent if it can regenerate in full multicellularity, secularity and structure the phenotype of the organism of which it was a part.

The totipotency of plant cells led to an unimaginable increase in knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

Totipotency is the most important conclusion to be drawn from the work of embryogenesis. Many somatic plant cells, some fully differentiated types provided they contain intact nuclear, plastic and mitochondrial genomes, have the capacity to regenerate into whole plants.

Often totipotency is revealed when cells or tissues are disturbed or removed from their normal environment and for example, placed onto artificial media in tissue culture.
What is totipotency?

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