Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The advantages of using biopesticides in agriculture

Biopesticides generally have several advantages compared to conventional pesticides. The potential advantages of bioinsecticides include that they:

*Usually inherently less harmful than conventional pesticides. Biopesticides are less toxic to humans and the environment.

*Do not leave harmful residues.

*Designed to affect just the specific target organism in contrast to broad spectrum of conventional ones. It substantially reduces the impact non-target species, leaving humans, crops, wildlife and beneficial insects unharmed.

*Effective in small quantities and often disperse quickly

*Greatly reduce the use of conventional synthetic whole crop yields remain high

*Often cheaper than chemical pesticides. The most important advantages of the successful deployment of biopesticides over chemical pesticides are efficacy and low cost.

For using biopesticides effectively, users need to have good knowledge about managing the particular pests or pest complexes.

Due to limit commercial use biopesticides often are developed by research institution rather than by traditional pesticide industry.
The advantages of using biopesticides in agriculture

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