Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pasture land worldwide

The word’s lad area is about 13 thousand million ha, or 29% of the total land surface area of the earth. There is about 3.5 billion ha of pasture exist worldwide.

Cropland used only for pasture may also be considered as a part of the pasture area. Pasture in farms consists of open or non-forested pasture, including cropland used only for pasture, other open grassland and woodland pastured.

Natural and sown grasslands provide most of the forage for the world’s ruminant and equine populations.

Pasture and grazing land has a great variety of vegetative cover and varies widely in the amount of forage furnished to livestock. It also improves soil fertility necessary to support the production of many crops and sustain the landscape.

Pasture land used for dairy and cattle is about .25 ha per capita.
Pasture land worldwide 

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