Saturday, July 12, 2014

Characteristics for grazing land

Grazing means ‘feeding on growing grass or herbage’, suggest that the term grazing land is fundamentally a land use term.

Characteristics of grazing land including:
*Any vegetative land. Grazing lands include all lands vegetated by plants either native or introduced.

*Has the potentials to be grazed by animals domestic or wild

*Incorporating grazing land management into the farming system is one of the most important ways farmer can reduce erosion and water pollution

*Diversify sources of income for farmer. Such outdoor recreational, horseback riding, hunting, and fishing may provide other options for earning income from grazing land.

*For extensive grazing must include both primary production of forage and secondary production of livestock

*Livestock have continuous and relatively constant nutrient and water requirements throughout the seasons
Characteristics for grazing land

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