Saturday, March 14, 2015

Soil suitable for mango tree cultivation

Mango is successfully grown on a wide range of soils. From heavy clays to light sands but prefer well drained lighter soils.  The trees can be successfully grown in sandy soils at the coastline as well as on loam, black cotton and even murram soils at other elevations.

The essential prerequisites for good development of the trees are deep soils (at least 3 m), appropriate rainfall (500—1000 mm), good drainage, suitable altitude (0-1200 m) and pH value of between 5.5 and 7.5 is considered most suitable.

However the commercial production is possible where pH is as high as 8.5 provided attention is said to correcting nutritional deficiencies.

Mangos are generally tolerant of many harsh solid conditions. Over hard, compacted subsoil or smooth lava that is impenetrable by the roots, trees may become unstable in high winds, be more subject to drought and growth may become stunted.

As mango trees develop deep widely root system, they require deep soils. In Maharashtra and Karnataka, India many orchards are located in the very shallow souls with laterite bed at 1-1.5 m and exhibit poor growth and yield coupled with die back.
Soil suitable for mango tree cultivation

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