Thursday, August 4, 2016

Food Biotechnology

Food biotechnology is a burgeoning field that transcends many scientific disciplines. It is not a new field, since humans have been adapting living systems for production of foods for centuries.

Biotechnology has opened doors to making proteins with new functions, and even new biochemical pathways with altered products At the heart of biotechnology is the ability to customs-design protein molecules which are composed of amino acids linked together into a linear chain.

The various kinds of amino acids and the order in which they are linked determines each protein’s three-dimensional structure and hence its function..

The use of biotechnology, such as recombined DNA technology, enzyme and protein engineering, plant and animal cell tissue culture, and biosensor applications, will contribute to the increased efficiency of production of special food and food ingredients, reduced production costs, enhanced nutritional value, improved processing characteristics and safer and more convenient food products.

Fundamental steps in recombinant DNA technology, also called gene cloning, molecular cloning, or engineering genetics, are the isolation, enzymatic cleavage, and joining of a specific DNA fragment of interest into a cloning vector to make a recombinant DNA molecule.
Food Biotechnology

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