Sunday, October 30, 2016

Growing the wheat plant

Root and shoot growth was slow in the beginning. The first visible roots are the seminal, seedling roots that appear shortly after germination. These roots provide the young seedling with moisture and nutrient uptake during early growth stages.

Root growth increased until 60 days of growth and then remained more or less constant. But shoot growth increased significantly after about 35 days of growth and continued to increase until maturity.

The roots contribute about 15% of the total weight of the wheat plant at 60 days of growth and 3% at maturity.
Wheat plant
The winter wheat plant resumes its growth in the spring. The head of the wheat plant, which contains the kernels, develops at the tip of the stem. The stem grows rapidly, pushing the head up and out of the top leaf sheath.

Under suitable conditions the planted wheat kernel absorbs moisture and became swollen. After the head emerges, flowering occurs and the kernels begin to develop.

After the kernels have developed fully and filled, the leaves and stem lose their green color and the kernels quickly dry.

The mature wheat plant is composed of roots, stems, leaves and heads (also called ears). Plant growth occurs through cell division and cell elongation. Areas where cells are actively dividing are called meristem regions.
Growing the wheat plant
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