Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Transplanting paddy rice

Transplanting paddy is a very interesting agriculture practice. One to six week old seedling are transplanted to basically give them a head start over other competing weeds.

Transplanting paddy also lets the farmer adjust the panting calendar to accommodate his labor, water and requirements.

Paddy field
Transplanting and planting of paddy rice are processes that need the greatest labor intensity. Hand transplanting is laborious, low efficiency work. Therefore working masses look forward to the improvement of working conditions and to mechanization of paddy rice transplanting.

Mechanization not only improves the quality of planting and efficiency of labor, but can also finish transplanting and planting operations on time.

Agricultural practices in Japan have been highly mechanized since the 1960s, and the past decade has seen the rapid extension of machine transplanting of rice.
Transplanting paddy rice
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