Sunday, February 5, 2017

Storage of grape fruits

Grapes were one of the earliest fruits grown by man. It is the most widely cultivated fruit crop in the world.

Grapes to be shipped as fresh are packed in wooden crates, then pre-cooled to about 40F (4.4 C) in railroad cars or refrigerated rooms. Storage temperature and time are primary factors for stability of color in long-term range.

Grape packing should be done at a place that make possible minimum and careful handling, through trimming, least exposure to severe temperatures and uniform, attractive pack. In field packing the grapes are placed directly in the regular shipping or marketing container.

Generally, the grapes will be fumigated with sulfur dioxide prior to or during cooling to prevent mold growth.

Grapes that are to be stored for future shipment should be packed in crates, pre-cooled to 36 – 40 F (2.2 – 4.4 C) placed in refrigerated storage, and fumigated with sulfur dioxide, they should be held in this manner until shipped.

Periodic re-fumigation with sulfur dioxide may be required to prevent spoilage by molds. Under these conditions, grapes have a storage life 1 -7 months depending mainly on the variety.

Increased storage time is detrimental to juice quality. Studies showed similar results for ‘Concord’ and muscadine juice. Juice from mature grapes had better quality initially that juice from less mature grapes by decline in quality more rapidly during storage.
Storage of grape fruits
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