Sunday, March 5, 2017

Basmati rice – premium long grain rice

Basmati rice, premium long grain rice, is recognized for its unique cooking property and distinctive aroma.

It accounts for 37% of the UK dry rice market and sells for two three times the price for other long grain rice. Basmati rice is aged from six months to a year in burlap sacks layered with neem leaves - an ancient tree native to East India that is a natural insecticide – to dry it out and develop its flavor; basmati should never smell musty.

Basmati rice has a nut-like aroma and a rich, buttery flavor. It is widely used in India and Pakistani cuisine.
Chicken bryani rice
Basmati rice should be soaked in cold water before being cooked. Stir the rice in water and replace the water when it turns milky; repeat the operation four or five time or until the water is clear.

Rinsing rice prior to cooking gives it a lighter, less creamy texture. As it cooks, the grain elongates up to three times its length rather than plumping out.
Basmati rice – premium long grain rice
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