Sunday, March 26, 2017

Red rice

Rice is the staple food for nearly one half of the world’s population, most living in Asia and many of them among the poorest in the world.

There is one species of rice popular called ‘red rice’ because of the red endosperm. It’s due to anthocyanin content. It is unpolished rice, considered to be more nutritious than white rice. It is also called country rice.

Red rice has a history tracing back to West Africa. Red rice is an example of pilau that is commonly found across the Southeast today and has the basic addition of tomatoes.

Every Turkish and Greek cook has a recipe for red rice, most preferring it to plain white rice, called arroz blanco. In some households, arroz is served at both lunch and dinner. Total anthocyanin was highest in purple bran while total proanthocyanin concentration was the highest in red rice bran.
Red rice
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