Saturday, March 11, 2017

Winter wheat

There are two broad kinds of wheat winter wheat and spring wheat. Winter wheats are planted in mild climates, whereas spring wheats are planted where the winters are extremely cold.

Winter wheat is planted in fall and harvested in late spring to early summer; it requires a cold period in order to produce grain in the spring (vernalization) but must possess tolerance to adverse winter conditions (winter hardiness).

The onset of warm weather causes rapid new growth, and seed heads develop within 2 months. They get started before cold weather, become dormant during the winter, and continue growth again in the spring. Frost affects the young plants adversely, but a covering of snow protects them and promotes tillering.

Wheat is usually harvested when moisture content is about 10 to 16 percent. Winter wheat harvest typically begins in May in Texas and is usually handled by custom harvest crews with combines who move north as the grain ripens.

 Sowing winter wheat in autumn allows grazing in late autumn and early spring, but care must be taken not to graze when stems start to ascend.
Winter wheat
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