Saturday, April 8, 2017

Pesticide labels and instruction manual

When decision is taken to use a pesticide to control a pest problem, the choice of the pesticide to use must also be made.

Pesticides are poisonous and must be used with caution, Read the lable carefully before opening a pesticide container. Pesticide labels convey a great deal of information. Whenever the user applies a pesticide, he must read the information on the label carefully, and comply with all of the instructions.

The label gives information on the choice of pesticide for the crop, the pest, how to use the product how poisonous a particular pesticide is and what to do if someone get poisoned.

Pesticide labels are legal documents and the user are required to follow the directions on these labels. The EPA requires that certain information be printed on the label of all pesticide containers in order to ensure their safe use.

In addition, the label will also tell the user whether he need to contact an appropriate state agency to determine if his intended pesticide application will affect and endangered species, a protected body of water or some other element of the environment.

Use a pesticide only on crops specified on the label. Apply pesticides at the rates specified in the label.
Pesticide labels and instruction manual

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