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Strawberries cultivation

Strawberry is an attractive, luscious, tasty and nutritious fruit with a distinct and pleasant aroma, and delicate flavour. Different variety of strawberries are grown in many areas of the United States, harvested in the winter and spring in southern states and in late spring and summer in northern states.

Strawberries require fertile soil; hence soil treatment with fertilizer is usually required. Strawberries love shady areas, are places where they can get sun and shade.

The ideal time for planting strawberries is in the summer. Strawberries are planted as 1 year old plants that produce the next year. The strawberry planted is a perennial that, if properly cared for, will produce for several years.
For handling in the fresh state, they are usually picked with the calyx or cap intact, since this enhances the keeping quality of the fruit. For processing, the berries are picked without the cap. The berries are placed in baskets of 1 Ib (454 g) capacity, and the baskets are placed in crates for transportation to the processing plant.

Strawberry is a highly popular crop and is in great demand for fresh markets as well as in the fruit processing industry for preparing jams and other products.
Strawberries cultivation

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