Friday, February 15, 2019

Drug used in beef production

The major drug products currently used in beef production include steroid growth hormones and ionospheres. Hormones are approved for use at very low concentrations in order to increase the rate of weight gain and/or improve feed efficiency.
Most are derivatives of reproductive steroids hormones (estrogen, progesterone or testosterone) and generally work by interacting with specific steroid hormone receptors.

Antibiotics are used in feed and water as well as in injections, vitamins, vaccinations and parasite controlled. Antibiotics are generally administered for ninety days or more in feedlots in the United States. Less than 20 percent of all animals in feedlots were given antibiotic injections, but about 60 percent received vitamin injections.

Growth hormones in beef are primarily administered using a small pelleted implant that is a placed under the skin on the back of the ear of the animals. The implants are designed to release the hormone slowly over time into the animal’s bloodstream.
Drug used in beef production

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