Saturday, May 29, 2021

What is agronomy?

Agronomy is derived from a Greek word ‘agros’ meaning ‘field’ and ‘nomos’ meaning ‘management’. Literally agronomy means the art of managing field and technically it means the science and economics of crop production by management of farmland.

Principles of agronomy deal with scientific facts in relations to environment in which crop are produced.

In other words, agronomy is defined as an agricultural science deals with principles and practices of crop production and field management. Agronomy is branch of agricultural science, which deals with principles, & practices of soil, water & crop management.

Like agriculture, agronomy is an integrated and applied aspect of different disciplines of pure sciences. Agronomy has three clear branches namely: Crop Science, Soil Science, and Environmental Science that deals only with applied aspects.

Agronomy is an integrative science born as a synthesis of several disciplines like soil science, agricultural chemistry, crop physiology, plant ecology, biochemistry and economics.
What is agronomy?

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