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Weed control

Weed control is the process of limiting weed infestations so the crops could be grown profitably and other activities of man conducted efficiently.

Successful weed control requires the combination or sequential use of several methods (called integrated weed management). For example, cutting followed by herbicide applications has been used successfully in many programs, and prescribed fires followed by spot-applications of herbicides have been used well in others.

Weed control within the first several weeks after crops are planted its critical in order to avoid a yield reduction from weeds. Fields that are kept free of weeds for the first several weeks after planting give the crop a competitive edge that allows the crop to shade out or out compete weeds that emerge later in the season.

Consider all available control options: manual, mechanical, promoting competition from native plants, grazing, biocontrol, herbicides, prescribed fire, solarization, flooding, and other, more novel, techniques.

Methods of weed control
*Preventive- prevent entry into an area
*Good crop husbandry
*Physical methods
*Biological methods
*Chemical methods

Before selecting a method of weed control one, much have information on the number of viable seeds nature of dispersal of seeds, dormancy of seeds, longevity of buried seeds & ability to survive under adverse conditions, life span of the weed, soil textures moisture and the area to be controlled.
Weed control

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