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Field corn in United States

Within the U.S. Corn belt, the states of Iowa and Illinois grow the largest share of corn. Iowa produced (16.19%) the most corn in the United States in 2020 followed by Illinois (15.03%) & Nebraska (12.62%).

The largest amount of corn produced by U.S. farmers (46.4 %) is used as feed for animals. Another 30.5 % is converted to ethanol, and 12.9 % is exported. The rest is turned into sweeteners (5.7 %), starch (1.8 %) and alcoholic beverages (1 %).

About 99% of corn grown in Iowa is what is known as “field corn”. Iowa is the leading producer of field corn. Field corn is primarily grown to be used in animal feed and to convert to ethanol. Only 1% of the corn grown in Iowa is “sweet corn” for human food consumption.

Field corn is predominantly used for animal feeds. Field corn is harvested when the kernels are hard and relatively dry. It is the classic big ears of yellow dented corn can be seen dried and harvested in the fall.

Field corn and soybeans combined are used to provide protein and starch to feed out chickens, pigs, and cows.

Field corn is also used to make certain food products, such as corn syrup, corn flakes, corn meal, corn chips, and corn tortillas as well as silage.
Field corn in United States

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