Friday, September 2, 2016

Fertilizer for tomatoes

For most soil, it needs to fertilize every six months or so. For fertilizer that less nutrient rich its many need to be done so slightly more often. Rich garden soil that has adequate nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium will grow great tomatoes.

The ideal ration of these three key nutrients is 1:4:2 – highest in phosphorus.

Fertilizers should be applied in different stages of plant growth. The first round of fertilizers should be supplied while planting tomato seedlings.

Dig planting hole about three inches deeper and tow inches wider than the plant root. Add three to four tablespoon of fertilizer into the planting hole and set the tomato seedling.

Once seeing the fruit of tomato appeared it’s time to do the second fertilizing.

The tomatoes should be about the size of golf balls and will now be ready for more constant fertilizing. The frequency of fertilizing necessary will depend on the particular type of fertilizer used. It is best to follow the directions that should come with the fertilizer.

To lend balance to the nutrient composition, try to incorporate dry manure with bone meals.

The condition called fertilizer burn may occur when gardeners use too much fertilizer or too strong a concentration, don’t water fertilizer in properly or allow undissolved granules to remain on leaves.
Fertilizer for tomatoes

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