Friday, July 15, 2016

Animal feed from mango waste

About 40 to 60% of the fruit intake ends up as waste in the mango processing factories. This fruit waste consists of 12-15% peel, 5-10% pulp waste and 15-20% mango seed kernel.

Mango peel juice and waste can be used as a molasses for cattle and also for fermentation into alcohol etc.

Cake left after the extraction of kernel oil could substitute for wheat and maize flour in animal feed as it is a good source of many essential amino.

Major waste like mango seed kernel is a good source of carbohydrate. Dry of mango kernels and peel can make a high class energy food for animal feed. Feeding experiments conducted on poultry have shown that a mixture of maize meal and mango kernel flour to the extent of 20% had no detrimental effect on the development of chickens (Indian J. Vet Scie. 22:251, 1925).

The dried peel meal can be incorporated in cattle feed. Mango peel is also suitable as a supplement in fish feed.
Animal feed from mango waste

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