Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sweet corn

Corn known as maize to many people, is the leading cereal crop in the world followed by rice and wheat. Sweet corn is one of the most popular vegetables in the USA, Canada and Australia. It is becoming popular in India and other Asian countries.

Sweet corn is food commodities in high demand because in addition to sweet with high contains sugar, vitamins A and vitamin C higher than corn also low fat.

Sweet corn also known as sugar corn, is a hybrid of maize specifically bred to increase the sugar content. Sweet corn is introduced from the USA. The fruit of the sweet corn plant is the corn kernel. It has a sugary rather than a starchy endosperm and a creamy texture.

Sweet corn differs from other corns (field maize, popcorn and ornamental) because the kernels have high sugar content in the milk on early dough stage. Kernel of the sweet corn has higher protein and fat than other corn cultivar. Sweet corn the smaller plant habitus chemical composition with other standard of corn.

Sweet corn is harvested at soft dough stage with succulent grains so favorable for fresh consumption, developed as an alternative dish namely boiled corncob, roasted corncob, or vegetables in the form of corn seeds added to soups or other foods.
Sweet corn

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