Sunday, February 26, 2017

Quick freezing of fish

The fish and seafoods industry has made great progress in providing consumers with highly palatable nutritious and convenient products that are individually quick frozen by utilizing fast freezing methods.

Quick freezing is a method of increasing the shelf-life of perishable foods by subjecting them to conditions of temperature low enough to inhibit the oxidative, enzymatic and microbial changes, which are responsible for the changes in flavor and color of foods. Fish should be frozen within 2-3 hours of harvest for best quality.

This done by a prciess within a short period of time , say to -20 ° C in 3-30 minutes. Freezing reduces chemical reactions as well as microbial activity in the tissue thus extending the shelf life of the product. Quick freezing has made possible the delivery of fresh fish in packages.

Next to fresh foods, frozen items attract high consumer acceptance in terms of sensory parameters including appearance, texture and flavor, as well as nutritional value.

The freezing rate is always faster near the surface of the fish where there is a close contact with the cooling medium. Near the center or in the center of the fish, however, the rate of freezing is slower depending on the thickness of the fish and other factors.
Quick freezing of fish

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